The significance of digital policy is growing

At the end of August 2014, the German government published its “Digital Agenda 2014-2017”. It lays out basic principles of the government’s digital policy, which are the basis for exploring the development potential for individual policy areas. After two years, eco takes stock of what has been done so far. In the following interview, Oliver Süme, eco Director Policy & Law gives an overview of the progress to date.


eco Warns Against the Introduction of Ancillary Copyright Law at a European Level

  • Taking stock after three years: German law only created losers
  • Directive at a European level will create massive problems
  • eco survey: 87% want to continue to use the Internet as a source of information

The discussion on new related rights on a European level, similar to the ancillary copyright for publishers in Germany, is starting to turn into a farce, according to eco – Association of the Internet Industry. “It is becoming increasingly clear that the introduction of ancillary copyright in Germany isn’t benefitting anyone,” Oliver Süme, eco Director Policy & Law, says. “It isn’t going to get any better by being introduced and even extended at the European level.” Weiterlesen

Fight Against Child Sexual Abuse Material: European Party Invited Experts to Brussels

The European People’s Party (EPP) focused on current developments in the fight against Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) online in a <a href=““>hearing on 29 June</a>. Representatives from Interpol, Europol and the European Commission reported on current developments and new challenges.

eco was represented by Oliver Süme, Director Policy &amp; Law. In his talk, he gave insights into the cooperation between Internet and Social media companies and law enforcement and the hotlines. He gave the example of the work done by the eco Complaints Office, which has successfully been combatting CSAM online and other illegal content in the Internet for over 15 years. “At the meeting, it was clear that the hotlines and law enforcement are very willing to cooperate,” Süme remarked after the hearing.

This is the second time already this year that eco has spoken about this topic in the European Parliament. At an <a href=““>eco Political Breakfast</a> in Brussels in January, eco reported on the work and success of the Complaints Office in the field of CSAM and on the status of the evaluation of Article 25 of the EU directive 2011/92/EU on combating the sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children and child pornography.